Dumpster Rental

Dumpsters starting at $260

Our trucks roll “on time” and “on target”

to get the right dumpster to the right place at the right time and at the right price.


What to expect with G.I. Bins

You will talk to a real live person. When you call G.I. Bins, you will talk to someone who will take the time to understand your project and your concerns. You’ll be confident that the bin you’re getting will be sufficient for your project.

On delivery day, you will receive a clean, right-sized dumpster at a reasonable price delivered to you by a professional driver in a clean, well-maintained truck. Care will be taken to ensure that placement meets your needs and allows for continued access to garage and driveway.

You can expect a stress-free experience knowing there will be no “hidden fees” and our delivery method ensures there will be no damage to your driveway.

On the scheduled date, the dumpster will be picked up and the area swept clean before departing.

We strive for an experience so positive that you will find yourself recommending G.I. Bins to family, friends, and neighbors.

Oakland County Dumpster RentalWorry free service.

Extra measures to preserve your property.

Very professional. Service oriented. Worked to help me select the best product for the project at hand. Cleaned up the job site when they were done without being asked.  (submitted by Erica S.)

Is G.I. Bins different from other dumpster companies? Yes!

To start with, the dumpsters we deliver are designed and sized for the residential customer. Whether it be a clean up project or disaster restoration, moving or remodeling, we have dumpsters for all your residential projects. Our dumpsters are clean and well-maintained to preserve good relations with neighbors and homeowners associations. Our delivery method ensures that no damage will be done to your driveway. In fact, our dumpsters won’t even touch your driveway! And when we’re done, we sweep up the area so that you will never even know we were there. Using G.I. Bins will make one aspect of your project worry-free while saving you time and money.

Other dumpster companies have large, smelly, beat-up dumpsters more suited for commercial purposes. When delivered to a residence they obstruct the driveway and deny vehicular access to the garage. Their size and condition make them more challenging to work with. In many cases, these dumpsters end up causing thousands of dollars of damage to driveways. Because these companies cater to contractors in the hopes of securing repeat business, customer service to a homeowner is an often an after thought.

A bin designed for a homeowner’s needs delivered by a company that succeeds because of customer service is the right choice!

Oakland County Dumpster Rental

They were on time and did above and beyond my expectations. Nice guys and very helpful.  (submitted by Dorian M. in Pontiac, MI)